merry turkey day – doopie

❤ no edit just words guys 😮 ❤
lemme tell y’all I started going on a deep dive into older posts and saw how CRINGEY I was like omg- ew?! and then I realized i’m legit still the same haHA

but anyways- hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving, eat nice, have fun with the fam or with the squad, and try to look at your old posts in your sites or of your favorite sites! it’s nice to see how much you’ve changed ❤

I’ve waited for a few seconds thinking this was a gif omg that’s hilarious 

Wow Doopie forgot something for 100k views.. – Doopie


Okay hello 😀 This will be the last post that will be posted in like- 1 day. I got homework to do :’) But anyways, I am not sure I did a 100k post o.o Unless I did and I am just too lazy to check lmao. But anyways WOW 100K TOTALLY NOT LATE OR SOMETHING WOOOOOOO

Thank y’all for stopping by :’) I swear you guys are amazing~ So I decided to compile some heavy-ish edits(?) as well as lighter edits! These took a while but I was so dedicated into finishing them!

I might make a part two- don’t come for me for posting too much recently :’) It’s like a motivation boom rn- but in the mean time settle for these heads!


Credits: Wilgfx, The Pixel Family, Outcasted GFX, Recy, (Riku for her indexing tutorial), Bbycakes, Bilsan. Fzi Family, iPink, and Chrissy & Masha





Dad – Doopie

It’s my dad’s birthday so I decided to edit a bit while I’m on thanksgiving break!

It has been legit a WHILE since I done an edit and my skills are somewhere- I’ll find them eventually. But anyways we got 100 followers on the site! Thank you Shanel for being the 100th follower ❤ I appreciate you all so much for sticking around throughout these few years. I am obviously inactive- like for real, however I still see some people on Zone wearing some renditions of the edits on the site and it makes my heart go doki doki.


So I just realized that re-shading stuff is really hard :’) And I tried but it doesn’t look spectacular but that’s what I get for not editing in almost 2 years. I hope you like these heads though! I hope to edit maybe like once to a few times a month but to be honest don’t expect much anymore xD I’ll just stop by when I can

Credits: Shanel *ty for being the 100th follow once again* and Fzi & Kim

Thank you for viewing ❤ Maybe leave a like? I like seeing the little notification bell turn orange you guys it satisfies me

1c preview.png




Oh hey there luv!- Doopie

Thanks to Chase for making me remember I run this site

It has been a minute! I hope you’re all doing well 🙂 I will make edits occasionally, if I am really unoccupied, but who knows honestly. I don’t play graal anymore </3 and I don’t really find time to edit anymore. The game isn’t as fun as it was in the past unfortunately for me. If you can try and convince me to come back try your luck

my discord is: dink dink#01216

Anyways, the site had its fourth year anniversary a little while ago and I’m so sorry that I don’t have anything special to post about it :”) Forgive me luvs. However, I appreciate that small group or large group, I’m not really sure, of people who click on the site and stop by. Ya’ll warm my heart ❤ And a special thanks to Snowyy! Frreaking amazing person. I love her :>

Happy almost Halloween and maybe see ya soon!


Quick edit ~Snowy

This was a really quick edit, but it turned out really cute. I don’t know if other sites already have a head like this or similar… but here. 

I combined 2 heads from Qwerty’s site, and I kinda fixed the lines on the body so it doesn’t look like they’re having seizures, then re-indexed. 

I would never upload something like this for myself though. Just isn’t my style. 





CREDS: Qwerty for the 2 heads I combined, Blair for bow body, me for the edit. 


Lovely Websites- Doopie

Hi everyone! I don’t have any edits prepared right now because I worked religiously on my personals, but just wait a bit- they’ll come eventually. For the meantime, I found a lot of talented people while browsing for editing material! I’m pretty sure you’ve stumbled to at least a couple of the GFX sites, but support all of these people! Make sure to look at the bottom of the page of at the Flipping Awesome Sites tab for some websites that you might like! I haven’t updated that page in a while, so I’ll work on it when I have freetime!

small psa: some of these websites aren’t really active, but still consider looking!










Hello again! -Doopie


It has been quite a while! How have you guys been? I’ve been great and recently started playing zone again! btw I ONLY PLAY GRAAL ONLINE ZONE. So- I have been gone for like a year and a few months- and that is legit so bad omg. sORRY!
I got bored and I started just playing zone since like two of my only friends from zone still talk to me :’) ty chase and snowy ❤ 

But yeah- if you wanna add me I changed my name back to Doopie since it’s easier for me that way c: By the way, we managed to get over 100k views?!?! LIKE WHAT EVEN OMG HOW ARE YOU GUYS STILL VIEWING THIS SITE?!?! I gotta say huge thanks to Snowy for posting occasionally on the site while I was gone. She’s so friggen talented and sweet and omg she’s the B E S T. THANK YOU SNOWY!!

And thank you- if you’re reading this, I genuinely appreciate you for sticking around or visiting for the first time ❤ I will post more frequently- probably.

small psa: my birthday is on april 28 :)) can I get a happy birthday from y’all?

Anyways this is so unorganized and messy and IM SO RUSTY OMG LIKE EW!!!1 But yeah I did an edit woahwoahwoah!! It took me like an hour I think 🙂 I was in a pretty good mood.


Credits: {Kayrrot and Agartha} the links lead to other pages

I hope you like the edit! I gave her the name Enith because she looks like an Enith.


Enith preview

Enith 1Enith 2Enith 3